Recap - September 7, 2023 - Competition

Published: Friday, September 8, 2023

The chat window is here: chat_230907.txt

Viewing 4K YouTube Video

NOTE: This is a 4K video (i.e. 2160p), but the standard version of Chrome can only display the 1080p version. Microsoft's Edge browser can display the full 4K version. I don't know about other browsers. Google is evidently working on a new version of Chrome for displaying 4K video.

The YouTube app can display the 4K version, but beware that the default resolution in probably much lower than that; on two of my devices, the default YouTube resolution was 720p. If you're using the YouTube app, be sure to set the "Quality" (in the Settings menu) to 2160p. Of course, this assumes that you have the Internet bandwidth to support 4K video.

The theme was "Fix it in Post".

The competition moderator was Stephen Brkich.

The judges were:

  • Basic and Intermediate levels: Bill Bunton, Gary Hook, and Patrick StCin
  • Advanced level judge: Charles Ginsburgh  (from PSA)

Larger, more detailed versions of the winning photos can be seen on at "Competitions > Past Competition Winners > Competition Winners for 2023"

Times within the Video
Time Event
0:04:45 Start of Basic Critiques
0:17:40 Basic Awards (Judged)
0:19:30 Basic Awards (Popular Vote)
0:20:34 Start of Intermediate Critiques
0:46:15 Intermediate Awards (Judged)
0:49:21 Intermediate Awards (Popular Vote)
0:50:34 Start of Advanced Critiques
0:59:46 Advanced Awards (Judged)
1:02:25 Advanced Awards (Popular Vote)
1:04:17 End of video

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