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June 2024
June 2024
June 2024
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Hill Country Water Gardens Photowalk (9:00 AM CDT)
Wednesday morning, June 5, 2024, 9:00 AM 1407 N. Bell Blvd, Cedar Park Meet by the cart return Now that the weather is warm, the water lilies are out, and it's time to (re)visit the Hill Country Water Gardens! This local garden center is full of photographic opportunities, as well as great products that will look good in your yard. HCWG is located at 1407 N. Bell Blvd in Cedar Park, just north of the 1431 intersection. We know that weekdays are not best for everyone, but slow times mean we won't impact their business. If you can't make it this day, do find a time to pay them a visit. Always great fun! Let's meet at 9:00 AM and wander about for 90 minutes or so. Afterwards, we can move over to the 1431 Cafe (601 E. Whitestone) for a late breakfast / early lunch. Suggest: bring a hand-held diffuser or sheet of paper to create shade. And water. Always a good idea.
Submissions Open: Round Rock Arts "Jester Gallery" Show entries (11:51 AM CDT)
Opens for submissions: Saturday, June 22, 2024 11:51 AM Closes: Tuesday, October 1, 2024 12:00 AM

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