Recap - April 4, 2024 - Competition

Published: Friday, April 5, 2024

This is the video of the April 4, 2024 NAPfS Competition Meeting.

The theme is "Human Hands".

The competition coordinator is Ty Lehman.

The judges are John Chatham, Patrick StCin, and Carol Schiraldi.

Here are the chapters in the video:

0:00:00 Start of video
0:00:28 Announcements
0:03:01 Basic Level Critiques
0:18:50 Basic Level Judged Awards
0:19:40 Basic Level Popular Awards
0:21:11 Intermediate Level Critiques
0:56:33 Intermediate Level Judged Awards
1:00:13 Intermediate Level Popular Awards
1:00:46 Advanced Level Critiques
1:14:57 Advanced Level Judged Awards
1:16:28 Advanced Level Popular Awards
1:19:00 General discussion about next theme: artificial light
1:24:36 More general discussion
1:29:23 End of video


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