Recap - March 7, 2024 - Competition

Published: Friday, March 8, 2024

Here is the chat window: chat_240307.txt

The March 7, 2024 competition meeting's theme was "People and Pet Portraits".

The competition moderator was Ty Lehman.

The judges were Gary Hook, Shelton Malzar and Cody Addison.

Here are some important times within the video:

00:00:00 Titles
00:00:29 Announcements
00:09:50 Basic Level Critiques
00:33:14 Basic Level Judges' Awards
00:34:03 Basic Level Popular Awards
00:35:29 Intermediate Level Critiques
01:08:34 Intermediate Level Judges's Awards
01:12:18 Intermediate Level Popular Awards
01:12:42 Advanced Level Critiques
01:35:30 Advanced Level Judges' Awards
01:39:11 Advanced Level Popular Awards
01:39:39 Announcements and short presentation on how to enter photos into a competition
01:53:43 End of Video

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