Recap - Bill Bunton Demonstrating Lighting Simulator in Virtual Studio - June 18, 2020

Published: Friday, June 19, 2020

Bill Bunton gave an excellent demonstration of the Set.a.Light lighting simulator. The demonstration was held online via Webex.  The video of the meeting is available either at the top of this page or on our YouTube channel (  The chat window from the meeting is available here: 200616_chat.txt

There are many reasons photographers avoid using artificial light: cost, complexity, and learning curve. Set.A.Light 3D virtual studio can provide a low-cost option to explore the creative opportunities of artificial light.

In the virtual environment, the photographer can select models, sets, camera parameters, light sources, and lighting modifiers, controlling the entire session. Using this simulated environment, an image can be visualized and rapidly evolved to convey the creator’s intent. After the creative process, the details of the session are automatically available for export as documentation to guide a real session.

NAPfS member Bill Bunton demonstrated the common lighting patterns and lighting terminology.  He also discussed less conventional lighting configurations and created several configurations in the meeting.

You can test the software (Mac or PC) for 15 days by downloading a trial, the period begins after installing the software.

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