Popular Voting Instructions

Published: Tuesday, August 18, 2020

All full NAPfS members can vote on the competition entries starting at the competition deadline and ending two hours before the competition meeting.

IMPORTANT: If you rank (i.e. vote for) any photo within a level, by dragging or typing in the rank, all the other photos in that level (except your own) are automatically ranked. So, if you're going to rank any photo, please rank all the photos within the levels in which you're participating. If this is not done, the photos which are not ranked remain in their original arbitrary positions, and this is not fair to the people who submitted those photos. If you change your mind and decide not to rank all photos, please click on the "Remove My Votes for the Currently Displayed Thumbnails" button.

The instructions on the voting page were written by Visual Pursuits and are not editable.  The third bullet says "The ordered images are assigned a rank value from one to the number of votes allowed".  Keep in mind that for the NAPfS competitions, if any vote is cast, votes are mandatory for all photos!.

To cast your popular votes go to "Competitions > Vote on Competition Images" and select the appropriate competition.  When you first go to this page, the "Basic" images are shown.  Be sure to vote in all three levels by selecting the levels with the pull-down menu.

Popular voting uses "Rank Voting", which is useful when you have a large number of items to rank or order using a large number of people indicating their preference. Rank Voting is an option on a competition that considers each voter's ordered preference for images.

When voting on images using Rank Voting, you can order thumbnail images using several methods:

  • Drag and drop while viewing the thumbnails
  • Type in the rank while viewing an image in "full screen" mode

The "rank" is shown at the bottom of each image or thumbnail. The top, left image is considered your first place selection. Your next preference is the next item in the same row. Remaining preferences continue in order within the row before starting a new row.

You cannot vote for your own images, so those images are always placed at the end of the list (in your level) while you are voting.  All other images must be placed in your preferred ranking order.

The ranks for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels are independent, which means that voting with a level does not affect the votes in any other level.  Everyone is encouraged to vote in all three levels.


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