Recap - May 16, 2024 - Pat StCin on New Mexico

Published: Friday, May 17, 2024

Viewing 4K YouTube Video

NOTE: This is a 4K video (i.e. 2160p), but the standard version of Chrome can only display the 1080p version. Microsoft's Edge browser can display the full 4K version. I don't know about other browsers. Google is evidently working on a new version of Chrome for displaying 4K video.

The YouTube app can display the 4K version, but beware that the default resolution in probably much lower than that; on two of my devices, the default YouTube resolution was 720p. If you're using the YouTube app, be sure to set the "Quality" (in the Settings menu) to 2160p. Of course, this assumes that you have the Internet bandwidth to support 4K video.

The chat window is here: chat_240516.txt

Pat's presentation covered three of his favorite locations: Cabezon Peak, Bisti Wilderness Area and Chaco Canyon Cultural Area. The presentation centered on the characteristics of each area, what went into preparing for the multiple sessions at each location and a brief description of the equipment and processes used to complete the final images.  

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