Recap - August 18, 2022 - Gary Rivera on Light Painting Automobiles

Published: Friday, August 19, 2022

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Gary Spoke on light painting automobiles. Examples of his work are at!/page/83583/auto-focus

Gary's website is

Gary Rivera has been interested in photography for over 25 years.  He first started his adventures in photography in high school where he daily carried a borrowed camera to document everyday life.  Since then, he’s experimented with various forms of photographic arts, people and pet portraits, landscapes, long exposure, and macro, but found his true calling in documenting various forms of former glory.  He seeks out relics of the past in both good-as-new condition as well as weather worn.  Gary’s signature style is to incorporate unique cloud structures whenever possible.  Trains, planes, and automobiles are some of his favorite subjects, but he also enjoys exploring the forgotten places like ghost towns, cemeteries, and abandoned or rarely visited urban areas.  Finding subjects has literally become a journey which takes him all over the southwest and beyond. 

The name Blue Merle Photography comes from his love of Shetland Sheepdogs of which he still has two who were adopted as rescues.  Blue merle is the blue-gray coat color of his beloved rescue sheltie named Bear.  Gary currently lives in Albuquerque, NM.

Gary has received multiple awards for his work, including several first place prizes in a number of photographic competitions.   He has been honored by showing his work in local exhibitions such as the Annual New Mexico Photographic Art Show (ANMPAS) which is held every December in Albuquerque New Mexico.


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