Recap - March 17, 2022 - Dave Wilson on Landscape Photography

Published: Saturday, March 19, 2022

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Dave’s photographic endeavors began in the early 1980s shooting black-and-white and color transparency images for local photography competitions in central Scotland. During this time, he took pictures as a freelancer for two local newspapers and was on the photography staff of “Guardian”, the University of Glasgow student newspaper.

After graduating from the University of Glasgow with a double major in Physics and Electronic Engineering, Dave transitioned into a computer software career which kept him in touch with digital imaging through work in PC multimedia processing, graphics and digital TV systems. A new job brought Dave to Austin in 1994 and Texas offered him a brand new set of photographic opportunities. As an outsider, he was drawn to Americana – cowboy boots, rodeo, skyscrapers and the Texas landscape. Native Texans all too often see these subjects as commonplace but they were fascinating to someone brought up 6000 miles away on a TV diet that included large helpings of “Bonanza” and “Dallas.”

Since 2000, Dave’s photography has been exclusively digital. His art images are produced using a variety of methods including exposure blending and high dynamic range (HDR) techniques. Strong geometry and bold graphical elements are found in many of his pictures and his style has been described as minimalist by some. The interplay of color, texture and shape are stressed in his photography to provide often-abstract views of landscape and architecture.

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